My race was cancelled. Now what?

I have been seriously delinquent in my race report for the Bridge and Back 10 miler because, well, there was no race on which to report.

Yep. After a full summer of training for this race, a nor’easter decided to hit the mid-Atlantic the very weekend we were scheduled to swim. The river flirted with flood-stage levels, and for safety reasons, the organizers were forced to call the whole thing off.

I understand. I think it was the right decision, especially after they posted a picture of the river on the day of the race – chocolate brown rapids. Ugh. But holy crap, was I frustrated and upset. I went from someone who was focused and working hard toward a significant athletic goal to someone with nothing particular to do that weekend besides put some analgesic gel on her slightly achy shoulder.

So, as you might expect, I drowned my sorrows in beer and ice cream.

(c) wynne

Artist’s rendition of Grappledunk taking a header into a vat of ice cream.

Several weeks later, I am still working my way out of a post-race funk that I feel I don’t even deserve, not having actually raced. Therefore, in order to get myself back into the grind, I have decided to sign up for Masters Nationals, which will be held in April in North Carolina. Since it’s being held in a nice, protected, concrete lined indoor pool, if we are swimming against a current, something has gone terribly wrong.

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2 Responses to My race was cancelled. Now what?

  1. Kathy and I were bummed that you, Paul, and Elaina were shut out that weekend. I suggest you try one of the triple crown swims. How about it?


  2. grappledunk says:

    Thanks Pat – but if anyone has a right to be bummed about getting shut out this year, it’s you.
    I’m up for a go at a triple crown swim! Did you have one in particular you were thinking of?


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