Almost, anyway.

The 10 miler I spent my summer training for happens this weekend. I am excited and nervous. I’m simultaneously wishing the day were here already and wishing I had more time to prepare. I keep second guessing my training – did I do enough? I should be able to finish, at the very least. Right?

My training swims included an 8-mile straight pool swim and an 8k straight pool swim, a 4.4 miler in the Chesapeake, 3 (somewhat queasy) miles in the Atlantic, and a 10k in a less than placid lake. I managed to shed a few extra pounds that I didn’t want to bring with me up the river, and I did some strength training to keep my shoulders from having a complete nervous breakdown.

But I just got a weather report from the Best Swim Mom Ever, who informed me that the weather forecast for the entire week is…rain. And the day of the race? Yup. Rain. As many of you know, rain can have a rather deleterious effect on river levels, at least for those of us who plan to swim against the current for several hours. Flotsam and jetsam will likely be abundant. (Quick question for those of you who know things – is the stuff I find in my swimsuit after a race considered flotsam or jetsam?)  The temperature will also be decidedly un-balmy, especially Friday for the practice swim.

As my age group swim coach used to say, “Near perfect conditions”. He just never told us exactly how near.

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