Stalking the Chesapeake

In the weeks and days leading up to the Chesapeake Bay Swim, I can get a little bit stalker-ish. I start obsessing about the weather, water temperatures, sea nettles, and now, thanks so much to a recent report, I have started stalking sharks who may or may not have casually wandered many miles into the Chesapeake a few weeks ago.

For the record, the GCBS vital signs are currently looking something like this:

Air temp: Forecast for June 14 is 86 degrees and sunny

Water temp: 70.2 degrees currently, and rising during a week that will be hot as b#lls.

Sea nettles: Why does this chart show them congregating around the swim? This isn’t helping.

Sharks: There are several of them out there. And, just in case one of them gets a random urge to send a ping from the middle of the Chesapeake… I am SO not wearing a wetsuit.

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