It happens to the best

I’m reposting Garrett Weber Gale’s recent blog to remind myself that even Olympic athletes have to work to get back into shape sometimes…

Garrett’s Blog: It Takes Hard Work

garrett weber gale swimming photo
2009 Getty Images


Getting back in shape can at times be an arduous task. All of us have probably had times in our life where we’ve let our fitness get away from us a little bit. The grind of getting back to that beautiful state our body was once in is generally harder than it was the first time around. However, try not to get too discouraged because when there’s a will there’s a way.

While I was in France my main focus was food and cooking. Working in a restaurant for five weeks kept me very busy, and tired. The truth is that I knew I needed to find a way to stay in shape. The best way to get back in shape is by not letting yourself get too far out of shape.
Due to my limited free time from working so much, I was on a tight schedule. My training consisted of about five days a week in the pool for between 30 minutes and an hour and 20 minutes. As I was training alone it was not the longest and most taxing training I’ve ever done.
On the other hand, I was able to work a lot on sprinting, my stroke, and also get some good aerobic work in there too.

Now that I’m back in Texas my face is once again on the grindstone. I know that over the years my bread and butter has been working hard. In terms of talent I’m not even close to being one of the most talented swimmers. In order to compensate for this I put myself in the hands of Eddie Reese and Kris Kubik and work my tail off for them. Training since I’ve been back has been pretty tough. I’m getting back into the swing of things a month late and that is sometimes frustrating. The important thing is for me to remember that the process of regaining all my fitness takes time and diligence. I will get there.

Generally I’m very happy with my fitness right now after training hard for three and a half weeks. Swimming has been great and being around the guys is truly refreshing. Like always I’m struggling a little bit in the weightroom. My entire life I’ve had an incredibly hard time getting stronger, even at 25 this battle remains. Experience has showed me that getting my legs fit usually takes the longest. To jump- start this a bit I’ve decided to run to practice several days a week.  The run is only a mile and a half each way but I keep a pretty good pace and I think this will help me along the way.

Getting back to work has been a pleasure. Times get tough and there are rare instances where I think I’m getting nowhere, but I know that’s not true. The important thing is to monitor my progress, stay positive, be consistent in my training, and be patient. Oh and EAT Right too!


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