Sometimes you feel like a purple belt…

…and sometimes you don’t. But after weeks of feeling like I had zero BJJ skills and that I needed to turn in my purple belt for a slightly used white belt, I actually had a decent class last night. Instead of the usual Monday class in which we drill technique, followed by positional sparring, followed by a few rounds of rolling, we actually rolled timed rounds the entire class.

My first roll was mostly a warmup, and the second was a bit of a smash-fest, but by the third, I’d started to get a rhythm going and was actually transitioning well and pulling off techniques. However, I need to work on a few things. First, passing deep half. Why the hell is everyone going to deep half all of a sudden?? For crying out loud. I’m tired of doing the splits every time I want to pass someone’s guard. Second, not getting smashed flat when on the bottom. Still a problem for me, and the reason why I never get to deep half when I want to. For some reason, the mechanics of that particular position just aren’t clicking for me, and I think my timing is off somewhere.

Next up on the agenda is the 5.85 mile swim in NYC, so I’ll be focusing mostly on swimming for the next two weeks. I’m going to need some serious good luck for that one! As soon as I’m back in BJJ mode, though, I know what I need to drill…

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