Raising the Bullshit Flag

(I wrote this post a while ago but failed on actually posting it…better late than never!)

First of all, congrats to everyone who competed at the Pan Ams…with all the hardware that came home, I think that the team will be more motivated to train harder than ever. Can’t wait to see what happens at Mundials!

Second, I have to join the chorus of disgruntlement at the way Budovideos decided to cover the finals at the Pan Ams. Fellow blogger Georgette Oden tracked down an answer regarding their decision to not show a single women’s match the entire day. Not one. Their answer was something along the lines of how they weren’t prepared to do a split screen, so they had to pick which matches to show. And the men’s fights were more popular.

Sorry guys, but I have to raise the bullshit flag. There was more than one occasion in which a men’s fight ended, the shot blinked briefly to a women’s match with well-known fighters (Hillary Williams, for one), and then switched to an extended shot of the commentators staring blankly at something as they talked, or three minutes of a no-name men’s match in which the competitors stood around rearranging their gis and picking their noses (slight artistic liberty here). Not only that, the people in the chat room were screaming for them to show the women’s matches, requests that were met with deafening silence save for one mention of a score for a match that just completed.

What I can’t understand is why. Women train equally hard for their chance on the mats. They have the same feeling of enlightenment when a new technique clicks, and they have the same frustrations when they can’t find their timing. They drill the same techniques, roll the same number of rolls. They get the same nerves before matches, feel the same joy when their arm is raised. They sweat the same, swear the same, bleed the same. Their matches are just as exciting and can often be more technical.

I understand that the men’s field has more recognizable stars, and that women are seriously outnumbered in the ranks of BJJ players in general, but the tide is turning. The women’s field has it’s share of popular, well known, and highly skilled players. The field of competitors increases every year, and more and more women are starting this sport every day. While we may never reach the same numbers as our counterparts, our skill levels and passion for the sport are every bit as strong. I ask Budovideos to recognize this and catch up with the times. Give the women fair coverage during the Mundials and any future events.

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5 Responses to Raising the Bullshit Flag

  1. leslie says:

    Some of my guys went up to Grappler’s Quest a few months ago. When they had a chance to watch matches, they preferred to watch the women. Better technique, better matches, they said. (Doesn’t hurt that the women are better looking. :P)


  2. Georgette says:

    Hell yeah 🙂 Have you considered emailing a copy of this and/or your link to Budovideos? to Fightworks Podcast?

    I’m so glad this is becoming an issue! BJJ needs to catch up with the rest of the world.


  3. SkinnyD says:

    I watched the Sunday Budovideos broadcast, and I remember the instances you’re talking about. I found it annoying and wondered why they didn’t leave the camera on some of the women’s matches, opting instead for their own face-time. I’m a white belt and the Pans were my first competition ever. I keep telling people one of the most impressive things I saw at the tournament were the women’s matches. I watched the women’s purple belt finals (not sure which weight division) and I was blown away by their technicality, flexibility and speed. I’m used to seeing fast, strong guys compete, but seeing smaller women exhibit such exceptional bjj prowess was something I had never seen before. Here’s hoping Budovideos hears the fans and steps up the women’s coverage next time around.


  4. Meerkatsu says:

    Agree with you on this 100 percent.


  5. grappledunk says:

    Just got back from an overseas trip to see all your comments – thank you all for your input, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the coverage was a bit ridiculous.


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