Sure, I’ll try BJJ…someday

I’m not sure why, but a lot of people ask me about BJJ.  They’ll talk with me for 20 minutes about it, express an interest in trying it, ask me for Dalla’s info…and then never show up to try a class.

Why is that? Is that a general “talk the talk but can’t walk the walk” phenomenon, or is BJJ really that intimidating? Or are they just smiling and nodding and humoring me so I’ll shut up and stop talking about *&^!ing BJJ already?

I ask, because this time I think I have a colleague who really will in fact show up to a class. In case you wondered, this makes the fourth colleague who has expressed interest, but he’s the first one who has actually approached me first and asked if I knew of a good place to take a class. That means, because I’m a dork, I keep wanting to pester him about when he’s going to show up. Then, once he does, I’ll keep pestering him about how much he likes it, and isn’t it the best thing ever, and what about that killer technique last night… *sigh*. Sorry in advance, dude.

On another note, I got to see a bunch of the matches, including both women’s matches (20-0? Damn.) at the ADCC Pro Trials in Brazil yesterday. Ok, not at the ADCC Pro Trials, but via the live stream. What a cool idea – I just need to figure out how to set up my wireless connection so I can hook up to the TV and dork out on the couch in front of the flat screen.

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3 Responses to Sure, I’ll try BJJ…someday

  1. Sonia says:

    I get the same thing. Them: “I’d love to do bjj, sounds really cool”. Me: “Here’s a promo card – try it for a week for free”. Them: “Ahhhhh, I’m busy this week, maybe next week. Or the week after…”. So I forget about it, don’t mention it to them. Every month or so they ask me how my bjj’s going, and tell me that they’re still thinking of coming, and wasn’t X great in the recent UFC?

    Of course the best excuse is “I’m just sooooo busy at the moment, maybe when things get quieter”. I tell them life is all about choices.

    I hardly mention bjj to people anymore – at least I don’t hear the stories about how they did Thai Kwon Do for 2 months when they were in high school 🙂


  2. grappledunk says:

    Hahaha! I also really enjoy the people who tell me their six year old is a black belt in TKD.


  3. Jen says:

    @ grappledunk LOL – that’s a standing joke in my family.


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