So at least it’s not broken

The xrays came back a week or so ago, and nothing appears to be broken. Yay! But I still have this unexplained pain and the weird crunching noises in my neck, so next stop MRI, I guess. When I have a moment to breathe at work I’ll call the doctor and see what I can schedule.

I did manage a few decent rolls in class on Monday, which was open mat due to the MLK holiday. I worked some from the bottom, but asked my training partners to not stack me or attack my neck. That worked pretty well, but I felt a bit guilty that I was preventing them from working their passing game, so for the most part, if I ended up on my back, we’d restart with me in closed guard. I managed to avoid any damage to my neck that way…however, ONE person, who shall remain nameless, shamelessly bit me on the leg as I was working to get a reverse triangle position from the back. Something about how my leg was blocking his air and blah blah… It’s not like he couldn’t just shuck me off of him whenever he wanted. That roll ended up with my lunch perilously close to the surface as he exacted his revenge by centering his weight on my stomach in mount. Have you ever tapped just to someone’s mount position? Yeah. I was this close.

I felt so much better after that class…it’s crazy how just getting back in to some actual hard rolling, modified though it was, can make life so much happier!

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5 Responses to So at least it’s not broken

  1. leslie says:

    Glad to hear nothing’s broken.

    Wait — he BIT you? Like, with teeth?!


    • grappledunk says:

      Leslie -Yes he bit me. With teeth! But not with any serious intent, he was just being a goofball. It was actually pretty funny – It’s difficult to roll when you’re laughing.


  2. Georgette says:

    WTF dude. That’s bs.

    I’m curious about your description of denying people the chance to work their passes. In your school are people mainly standing, and stacking, to pass? Very interesting. I’d say here we’re about 50/50, though I tend to focus mainly on seated/knee passes.


  3. grappledunk says:

    Georgette, I’d say we’re about the same – some stacking type passes, some knee or seated passes. It depends more on the person I’m rolling with. I was able to work guard with a couple of the advanced belts, but the white belt guys tend to revert to stacking more often.
    I also tend to go more for the seated passes, since I don’t always have the strength to stack the big dudes. If it’s someone more my size, then I might go for it.


  4. leslie says:

    Oh, okay, as long as he was just being a goofball. I guess I just didn’t read any “goofball” in to the original description.

    And yes, it is difficult to roll while you’re laughing, though I generally find that means we’re both relaxed and are giving each other a good roll. I’ve also met a high percentage of purple+ who are absolute gigglepots (and these are the boys we’re talking about) on the mat.


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