I am a bloatation device

Thanks to Nerfy for putting an actual name to the feeling you get after eating waaay too much. The holidays were a lot of fun – I actually managed to take some time off of work – but I think I ate at least twice my weight in food every day for the past two weeks. Now I need to get my ass back in shape, especially since the Chesapeake Bay Swim lottery is next week. If I get in (cross your fingers for me!) my 2010 race schedule will probably look like this:

May 2: Nanticoke River Swim –  3 miles

May 30: McDonnell Lake Swims – 1 and 2 miles

June 13: Chesapeake Bay Swim – 4.4 miles

August 1: Governors Island Swim – 2 miles

September 25: Little Red Lighthouse Swim – 5.85 miles (tentative)

At this point, with all of my eating and non-working out, I’d float like a champ, but actual forward progress would be considerably more challenging.

As for BJJ, I’ve been trying to roll from just the top lately, since I still haven’t heard anything from the doctor about the xray on my neck. It’s still crunching and hurting. The good news is that my teammates have been really cool about letting me just work my guard passing and subs (not chokes – if they can’t attack my neck, I won’t attack theirs) from top. And goodness knows I need work on my guard passing. The bad news is that its frustrating to not be able to just roll the way I want to, and I feel like a big crybaby for not just sucking it up and training.

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2 Responses to I am a bloatation device

  1. georgette says:

    I hope your neck gets to feeling better and you are NOT being a crybaby… think about that guy in New Zealand! Better to take good care of your neck and go slow, stay on top. Better in the long run!



  2. Is that TWO NYC swims I see on your schedule, madam? And are you coming to the Pro Swim again? **cackles and rubs palms together demonically*


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