BJJ Withdrawal?

What is it about BJJ that makes you feel so crappy when you don’t get to train? I was just talking about this with a teammate, and it seems like it’s a pretty common phenomenon. I was out for a full week because of the nasty cold that’s been going around, and between the constant coughing and wheezing and running nose and the lack of any kind of training, I was a true joy to be around.

So a few people have asked me lately if I’m planning on competing any time soon. It sort of got me wondering if maybe I should, but I’m trying to squash that thought as much as possible. I know that at this point, I don’t really have the time or motivation to put the work into it that I would need to. I learned in my last competition that if you decide to compete at the last minute and show up with your head somewhere other than in the tournament, you end up getting hurt. And If I got hurt, I wouldn’t be able to train. So in the interest of not being cranky and feeling sorry for myself, I’m going to avoid competing until I know I’m able to really focus on it.

Part of the reason I’m reluctant to commit to a tournament is that I’ve just accepted a new position at work, which has me brushing up on my foreign language skills – and I will be traveling for a week or so at a time four to six times a year. There’s nothing worse than deciding in advance to go to a tournament and then finding out that you’ll be overseas that weekend. Now I just need to find BJJ schools out there, or else my coworkers will wish I never joined the project. Perhaps I can use them as grappling dummies, or something. Fun for everyone!

As for swimming, I’ve already told my new boss that the second weekend in June is sacred and I will NOT under any circumstances be in eastern Europe or Asia that weekend. The Chesapeake Bay Swim trumps all.

Oh, and some good news – in my earlier blog entries, you’ll notice that I got super excited whenever another girl would even glance sideways at my BJJ class. Well, now we have no fewer than three girls training regularly at Woodbridge (the new school rocks, by the way. It’s huge! And Dalla has already put up the surround sound. Priorities.) There are another two girls at least training regularly in Crystal City, one of whom just won her division at No-Gi Pan Ams. Congrats, Elyse!! So the fact that I saw another tough looking chick talking to Dalla on Friday was less shocking, but no less exciting. The more girls we have, the more we’ll bring in.

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3 Responses to BJJ Withdrawal?

  1. Hurray! Glad you’re finally feeling better too. Today is my first official day of feeling like a human being again.


  2. Elyse says:

    Haven’t been training at Crystal City lately since I was focusing on the competition and they don’t really train no-gi.
    I want to organize a Dalla girls trip to Camp Springs or even Philadelphia in the coming weeks, so let me know if you’re interested.


  3. grappledunk says:

    Definitely! Keep me posted on what you’re planning – things are going to be super busy the next few months so I need to plan ahead 🙂
    Dalla’s got no-gi classes at Woodbridge now! You coming to the seminar/grand opening?


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