Rolling blind

I’m not allowed to wear my contacts for the next several weeks due to impending Lasik, which means either wear glasses or go blind. While inconvenient, it’s not a huge deal except for in several instances. Swimming and BJJ. While swimming, I can’t see the clock. While training BJJ, I can’t see the techniques we’re being taught. 


On Monday, my first day of BJJ without contacts, I brought my glasses with me to the side of the mat. I wore them to watch the technique, then took them off to drill. That worked fine for the first few times, but as the room started to heat up (this was Woodbridge, with no AC or ventilation) my glasses, which were on the floor – i.e., cooler- would fog up when I put them on. Joy.


The good news is that team Dalla has a new purple belt! Elyse joined us from BJJ United and is ready to start kicking ass in the DC area. Sweet! We actually had four girls training last night; a white belt, two blues, and a purple. I think that’s a record for me, at least in a non-all women open mat, regular class type situation. 

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2 Responses to Rolling blind

  1. leslie says:

    I’d have to get about 3 inches away to see the techniques without my contacts. 😛

    How long will you be out from class with the Lasik?


  2. grappledunk says:

    Haha! Thankfully, rolling doesn’t require distance vision!
    They said to give it at least a week, two would be better. I’m probably going to tell everybody I roll with to be careful of my eyes for the first month or so…I’m sure I’ll be a little paranoid at first.


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