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I’ve been tagged

Nerfydunk tagged me on her blog a few days ago, so, since I’m It, I guess I have to answer a few nosy questions.    What is your current obsession? Swimming and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.   What is your weirdest … Continue reading

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Rolling blind

I’m not allowed to wear my contacts for the next several weeks due to impending Lasik, which means either wear glasses or go blind. While inconvenient, it’s not a huge deal except for in several instances. Swimming and BJJ. While … Continue reading

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Race Report: Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 2009

The Chesapeake Bay Swim is a unique race. How many people can say they swam between the spans of a huge bridge, across a major shipping channel, and to the other side of the Chesapeake Bay? That’s just one reason … Continue reading

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Bridge Porn -or- GCBS, here we come!

Only a few short days until the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim, the 4.4 mile festival of water, waves, currents, and neoprene. My training hasn’t been ideal, but honestly, I do have a life. So I’ll make do with what I’ve … Continue reading

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