My new best friend

My first race of the season is rapidly approaching. I have a three miler this Sunday in the Nanticoke river in southern Maryland (part of the Nanticoke River Swim/Tri). My training has been spotty at best, partly due to hell month at work, and partly due to my cousin’s wedding last weekend. So three miles should be a piece of cake, right? 

In spite of the spate of warm weather over the past few days, I’m thinking that this is going to be a reeeally cold race. The organizers expect water temps in the low 60s. So, without further ado, please meet my new best friend.


I’ve traditionally been more of an open water purist. I could never understand the point of doing an open water swim if you were just going to cheat by wearing a wetsuit. It defeats the whole purpose, right? But then I entered my first Chesapeake Bay Swim, several years ago, and I realized that just about everyone was going to be wearing a wetsuit. And I wanted to be competitive, dammit. So I caved and wore a wetsuit for the first time ever. Since then, I’ve caved even further, far enough to actually buy one rather than renting (mostly because I got kind of skeeved out by that. Who knows who’s peed in that thing). The race this Sunday is its shakedown cruise, which is pretty ideal because it is in fresh water, and I can discover any rubbing issues without the sandblaster effect of salt water on skin at a point of friction.

Stay tuned for the race report and the wetsuit report.

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  1. totally off topic: where is Shoney’s Bear?


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