Finally working the top game

Had a few good classes this week. I’ve been focusing on the basics, and at least in one or two areas, it seems to be helping. Only once this week did I find myself working from guard, and when I did, I was doing more than just trying for the collar choke or armbar. I’ve been working for the sweep or to take the back. I’ve also been better about letting myself get flattened, and several times I’ve been able to work the arm drag, take the back, and get some time in side control and even *gasp!* mount. So there’s a few signs of progress, but my guard passing and half guard still blow large chunks. 

I got in a few good rolls with blue belt guys quite a bit bigger than me and was able to mostly hold my own with regard to not letting myself get taken down when starting from the knees. I worked on really getting my hips down for the sprawl, which helped a lot. Of course, there were a few times I just got steamrolled, but there was another time I was able to transition to a clock choke. Didn’t get the choke, but almost. Baby steps!

And…there were girls! One a day on Monday and Wednesday. The first girl had gone far enough to buy a gi. It was maybe her third class so we’ll see if she sticks. I’m hoping so. The second, I’m not entirely sure will make it, but she may surprise me. I think it was her first class, and at one point, while I was showing her an armbar, she asked me,

“So when you’ve got the one arm, what do you do to keep them from hitting you with their other arm?” 

Hmm. Not auspicious. That and a couple other comments she made had me thinking she didn’t really understand what BJJ was about. Yes there’s a lot of wrestling. No there’s no hitting (on purpose, anyway). I’m keeping my fingers crossed for both of them sticking with it, but I won’t hold my breath. 

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