Un-Best Week Ever

This week has been most emphatically not my best week ever. My new pooch is sick and we have spent the entire week back and forth to the vet, cleaning up messes (four of which were in the back seat of my sister’s brand new car – this is her un-best week ever too), not sleeping, putting out random fires at work, and worrying about our poor little beastie. And I didn’t once get to work out. Not one lap in the pool, not one roll, nothing, which does wonders for my outlook.  

On the positive side, however, the vet seems to think she’s getting better, and we’ll hopefully get to take her home today. Also, I planted three apple trees and a cherry tree in the back yard while not at BJJ or swimming. Let’s hope they don’t mind the snow that’s coming!

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4 Responses to Un-Best Week Ever

  1. oh noooo! poor doggo! Does she have a name yet?


  2. grappledunk says:

    Her name is Sheba – she’s such a cutie. You’ll love her.


  3. Georgette says:

    Sorry about your pooch! Can I recommend oxyclean for organic oopses? it eats up smells too.. just don’t let it sit too long on the spot without rinsing or it can remove color you don’t want removed.



  4. steve says:

    I’m really sorry to hear about your puppy, but glad she’s on the mend. Nature’s Miracle is good for organic stains, too.

    Take care.


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