Elbows. You need them.

BJJ has taken a slight hiatus recently due to an elbow issue (read: I got armbarred) that’s making simple things like closing a bathroom door more of a yelp-in-pain-and-cuss-like-a-sailor type event. It’s screwing with my swimming as well, since extending one’s arm is sort of imperative to not drowning.

Anybody have any ideas how to make it stop?? I’m getting frustrated. It’s a sharp, stabbing pain, and it feels like my bones are grinding together. Ugh. It will improve a bit, then I’ll forget about it, move too quickly, and — “Yelp!! *&^%!!!”

On the positive side, I’ve joined a Masters swim team (Curl Burke) and will be working out with them at least twice a week. I’ve trained for the Chesapeake Bay Swim mostly by myself for two of the three times I’ve done it, and I’m excited to see how well I’ll do with an actual team to train with.

My goal for this year is to place in the top 10 women overall and win my age group. This is pretty realistic, since in all three that I did, I placed 14th. I need to break out of that 14th place rut!


Note the straight arms. Photo not taken today.

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One Response to Elbows. You need them.

  1. Steve says:

    Sorry to hear about the elbow. Ice and ibuprofin. But if you’re still feeling a lot of pain after a few days, I’d definitely suggest seeing a doctor.


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