Garbage in, garbage out

I’ve been putting this one off for a while because I had some serious embarrassment about how I did at Copa Nova. I did bad. Really bad. As I told my sister;


Sister: Hey Grappledunk! How was Copa Nova?

Grappledunk: Sucked. Hairy. Moose. Nads.

Sister: Ew.


Yeah, that bad.

But after thinking about it for a while and talking myself down from the proverbial BJJ ledge, I’ve decided that there were several things working against me that day. 

Garbage in:

Lack of training, focus, and preparation. I’ve been training rather sporadically and without a whole lot of focus. I certainly didn’t do anything to prepare for this, except maybe stress out a bit on the drive over in the morning. I didn’t even sign up for it until the day before, but that was partly me trying to fake out the whichever gods make me sick or injured for every tournament I pre-register for.

Lack of desire. Sort of feeds off the above, but I was truly disgruntled the night before after an awful class in which not one but two people mashed me into the mat in quick succession. If I hadn’t shelled out my money that morning, I wouldn’t have gone. That bad attitude, while not quite as bad the following morning, certainly didn’t help me any.

Garbage out:

Well, if you were there you saw the results. 


All of this garbage in business did nothing for my mental issues. I felt myself shut down during my matches, and it was almost as if I were watching myself from the sidelines, saying,

“You know, you should really do something to break her guard instead of just sitting there letting her break your posture.”


“Dang it, you know what to do here! You do it all the time in class! Why aren’t you doing it??”


“Um. You might want to pass now instead of letting her sweep you.”


But instead, I got my ass swept. 

One minor improvement was that I actually could think these things during the match, and that I remember thinking them. The next step will be acting on those thoughts, and then the step after that will be to actually accomplish what I’m working for. 


Even if I do manage to achieve these lofty goals, I may not win any matches. The girls I was up against were tough, there’s no doubt about it. But I at least would make it more of a contest, and maybe it won’t take me over a week to fess up to how I did. 


Finally, in order to complete the unpleasant experience, here are a few pictures of me taking a whoopin. Enjoy!



Mat Pizza!

Mat Pizza!





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8 Responses to Garbage in, garbage out

  1. Steve says:

    Aw, sorry it was like that. 😦 That which does not kill us makes us stronger, eh? I’m sure you’ll be better for it.


  2. clinzy says:

    This was your first tournament in a while, right? Consider this one the shaking off of the cobwebs, and compete again soon! You know, get back on the proverbial horse, and all that (says the girl that competes about once a year).


  3. Georgette says:

    I feel you. And no-gi always seems harder to me anyways. Don’t beat yourself up too much and use this as a recipe for your next success.

    Are those AlphaFemale shorts you’re wearing? I wanted the black-with-red version you look like you have on, but they were already sold out.


    • grappledunk says:

      Georgett, Actually, I got squashed both no-gi and gi! Awesome! 🙂

      And yes, they are the older Fightergirls shorts. Unfortunately, they only seem to have junior sizes. Therefore, I get a wedgie. The waist fits fine, though.


  4. I know nothin’ about nothin’, but I did snarf at “Mat Pizza.”


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