Hibernation and wedgies

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but there are three seasons of the year – summer, Hallowthanksmas, and SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I fully subscribed to this theory until this year. SAD is for those with energy. Me? I’m just trying not succumb to the urge to hibernate.


Take this weekend, for example. It was a four day weekend for me, living in the NCR (never mind the fact that, as a contractor, the fourth was practically a forced leave day). On three of four days, I slept past 9:30, and one day past 10:00. Don’t roll your eyes – on weekends, I usually wake up no later than 8:00 because that’s just when I wake up, so for me this was a shock. Then, today, I nearly fell asleep during a four-hour meeting. Also not shocking, you say. But this was a hard core, can’t concentrate, eyelids headed southward sort of experience. And then I fell asleep on the couch after work.  

I’m also having trouble getting the energy to do, well, anything. I did manage a couple of BJJ classes this week, however. No swims. I’ll wait till after the tournament for that (because I’m sleepy.)

Anyway, Monday’s class at Dalla’s was open mat, in which I got my back re-rearranged during a guard pass. It didn’t help. I also managed to inflict two wedgies on someone who will remain nameless after said nameless person first dug his chin into my ribs while in side control, then tickled my feet while in side control on the other side. I’m proud of my skill with the wedgie technique. I’m sorry it’s not a legal move.

Tuesday at Vanguard was kimura/americana day, during which I realized that my shoulders were a tad sore. I also got a fresh bruise on my chin during a guard pass. This isn’t even a point of interest to people at work anymore.

Wednesday, instead of going to class, I fell asleep on the couch. 

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One Response to Hibernation and wedgies

  1. Mice– genius assessment of the seasons. I never thought of it that way, but you are exactly right.

    I haven’t swum in weeks… but I AM going tonight to masters. I’m going to be slow and pathetic, but I have to go. Yargh.

    Oh incidentally, I moved my blog! Would theoretically like to be able to have my actual name associated it without feeling deep shame over all the absurd posts I’d made, so I moved everything relevant over to a new home. Will continue to post Phelps pictures on Hot Swimmer Ass, however.


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