Birthdays and beatings

Birthdays are an odd thing once you’re no longer a kid. Some people go nuts and celebrate for an entire week, and some people bury their heads in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening. I’m sort of in between – I like to celebrate (because after all, getting older is better than the alternative), but I feel odd making a big fuss about my birthday, so I generally end up not doing much. Go to dinner with family, hang out at a bar with a few friends, whatever. 

Interesting factoid (to me, anyway): I share a birthday with Elvis Presley and David Bowie. Nice. Too bad I have limited musical talent.


So I went to train on my birthday, one of my training partners gave me a nice dark bruise on my chin, which I had to take into work the next day. I don’t usually bruise on my face for some reason, even when it hurts like a bitch, but there it was, clear as day. 

After several trips up and down my cube aisle, the peanut gallery couldn’t stand it and had to comment.


“You’ve been fighting again, haven’t you?”

“Er. Sort of.”

“What happened, did someone punch you?” (no matter how many times I explain BJJ, somehow it never comes across that there’s no punching in BJJ).

“No, somebody used my face to pass my guard.”

“They did what to do what?!?”

“Never mind. It was my birthday present.”



I think I’ve officially established myself as the resident office nut job. 


Anyway, I’ve decided that I might as well give Copa Nova a shot. What have I got to lose, right? Besides a match or two, and who cares about that? I really just want to improve my BJJ and find a way to handle the competition stress (i.e., mental spazzing) that kicks my ass before my opponents even have a chance to. Thanks to Clinzy, Georgette, and Elyse for the comments. It’s a definite plus to know there will be at least a few girls there.  

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2 Responses to Birthdays and beatings

  1. Elyse says:

    UGH OH! I think I just declined to go :S…. we have a big team event in Atlantic City the night before so I probably wont be able to make it down….. still waiting to hear back from Kelly to see how many purples registered.


  2. Georgette says:

    Copa Nova? I don’t think I’ll be there (where and when is it?) but I will be there in spirit!!! Competition is, imho, the best way to improve because it clarifies what I really know vs. what I’m learning still… plus there’s so much to the mental side of the game that I don’t see when I’m “just sparring” at home.

    Also I feel you on the showing up to work with bruises! I had a real beauty of a shiner once and got some strange looks. 🙂


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