To compete or not to compete?

I’m thinking about signing up for Copa Nova later this month, but I’m a bit undecided. I’m still not in great shape, but that’s slowly improving. I’ve been feeling pretty decent while rolling in class some of the time, but not always. And if I preregister to save money, if history is any indication, I will come down with some exotic disease the day before the event and not be able to compete.


Then there’s the issue of the nerves that hit me when I compete. I honestly feel like my heart is about to beat out of my chest, I forget my technique, I forget to breathe, and I gas out like a chain smoking 300-pound couch potato after a sprint to the refrigerator. Yikes. 

I’m also reluctant to shell out up to $90 to find out that there’s nobody in my weight class and that I get just one match with a girl who outweighs me by 50 lbs. Sadly, it’s happened. It didn’t go well.


I don’t think the nerves will ever really go away, especially with the small number of competitions I’m able to get to, but the few times I have competed, I’ve noticed that I learned things about my game that I wouldn’t necessarily have learned by rolling with my regular training partners in class. I know that this is something I need to do repeatedly to get good at, though, which is why I think I will keep trying.

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3 Responses to To compete or not to compete?

  1. Elyse says:

    I’m about 70% sure I’ll be there.
    120-135 lbs weight class.
    See you there!


  2. clinzy says:

    I think there are some other girls planning to compete, too. I think I remember you being a blue belt, right? Addie is going to be in the 150ish range, and Shannon is also supposed to be competing in the 120-135ish range (I think).


  3. Georgette says:

    Well, I won’t be there… but I sympathize with how much expensive tournaments suck. I do think that competition does a great job for me by focusing me on what’s really in my “working” vocabulary of jits– those things I know well enough that they stay with me even through the adrenaline and the off-kilter positioning, unfamiliar opponent, etc.


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