Grapple envy

Just had to share this video I found of this year’s women’s no-gi 48kg finals at the Fila World Championships (Lisa Ward v. Lisa Newton), held just a few days ago. It’s a pretty dominating performance. The only problem is that watching videos like this gives me grapple envy. I want to be able to dominate someone at the World Championships. So I get all amped up to train hard and kick ass and beat everyone, and I end up getting frustrated by my utter lack of genius or prodigiousness, or whatever it would be that could possibly catapult me from middling blue belt to stellar world-beating black belt in two classes or less. I’m working on my patience, but I lack genius in that as well.

Check it out:

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2 Responses to Grapple envy

  1. Elyse says:

    What belts are they? I thought Ward was a black belt and Newton was either purple or new-brown… I can’t remember.


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