Maybe lazy is a bit harsh, but sometimes life gets in the way. I headed back to class yesterday after about two weeks off of training, both swimming and BJJ, and endless crap from my training partners at Dalla’s holiday party this weekend. Gotta love the MJJ.


When I got there, the class was just beginning a marathon and raucous (TEN!!) ab session…the class was decent sized to begin with, but people kept showing up and adding to the circle, which meant 20 more situps per person. I’m feeling that today.


I’m also feeling the fun-sized lump on my left knee courtesy of a collision with Dalla’s newest purple belt (congrats, little Mike!). By fun-sized, I mean larger than mini, but smaller than regular or king-sized. I spent an hour of quality time with the frozen peas when I got home. I had fun rolling with a couple of blue belts, although my plan to work a sweep from half guard didn’t work out. My mind said “sweep! SWEEP!!”. My body said  “Do what, now?” I need to drill that a lot more, especially since I find myself trying to work from half guard a lot, with relatively little success. There. I have a New Year’s resolution. Improve techniques from half guard. 


Heading back to the pool tomorrow morning. Goodness knows why it is so much easier for me to wake up early and drop my sleepy self into a cold pool than it is to just go to the damn pool after work, when I’m already awake. Perhaps it has to do with that whole glutton for punishment thing. 

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  1. Rich says:

    ISHOF (Hall of Fame beach) Rough Water One Mile Ocean Swim and 5km Swim Saturday January 3rd, ’09, Ft. Lauderdale, FL followed by the DelRey Beach Ocean Mile Swim, January 4th, 09 DelRey FL.


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