Thanksgiving Poultrygeist

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone. Hope yours went well. Mine consisted of a marathon weekend of overeating with a few brief moments of exercise thrown in. I didn’t train BJJ at all – in fact, the whole week was grapple-less. I guess we (BJJ and I) needed some time apart to cool down after a rather ugly few classes the week before. I look forward to a more positive reunion this week. 


Instead, I managed to run once and swim twice, dragging NerF and my sister with me for the swims. Our longest was about 3300 yards, a decent start to the training year. The sad part is, that’s a teeny, pathetic workout compared to what I used to do in high school and college. And yet, it relegated me to instant nap status when I got home. Sigh. Lots of work to do. Lots of work. 


Oh, and the poultrygeist mentioned above was just that – a series of odd Thanksgiving related occurrences throughout the weekend. This included pumpkin pie smeared randomly during the night across the dining room table, onto the sideboard, and into the tracks of the sliding door, as well as the candles on the dining room table taking a dive while nobody was near. Perhaps it was the ghost of turkeys past…or the ghost of turkeys yet to come.  

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3 Responses to Thanksgiving Poultrygeist

  1. you forgot about the salt shaker that spontaneously appeared in the microwave.

    I swear to Godtopus that I wasn’t responsible for that, but it DID inspire me to put it in the fridge shortly after; but it was right before we left for shopping and I think your dad must have just taken it out with a baffled head-shake, cause I never heard anything about it again.

    Also, um. If 3300 is weeny and pathetic, what did you USED to do?


  2. oh also, in the name of making the new blog live up to its, well, name, I nominate you to find a picture of someone you would rank nine or up on the Norment Scale.


  3. And post it. Obvi. I need to go to bed.


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