Bleah. Just bleah.

I’m currently trying to coerce a co-worker of mine into BJJ. She just had a kid and doesn’t want to go back to playing rugby because she showed up at work regularly with cracked ribs and black eyes. Hmmph. I told her I have yet to show up at work with a black eye, but failed to mention my skirt wearing days (not that they were many) are pretty much over due to the frequent colorful pattern of bruises up and down my legs. 

Went to open mat on Saturday and realized I really need to start training with girls more. I knew this before, but rolling with a girl on Saturday emphasized how different our games can be sometimes. It was a bit of a bummer of a training session because I know I’m not doing as well as I should be in certain areas. I even had trouble when drilling a sweep that I should be able to get easily, especially on someone my own weight. I’ve come to the conclusion that unlike some athletic endeavors, BJJ just doesn’t come naturally to me. At all. That’s an ego squasher when you’re competitive and take pride in your athletic abilities.


So, it’s kind of a down, in a funk, somewhat BJJ depressed week for me. Not doing much training for various reasons before Thanksgiving – I’ll try to make an open mat or two over the weekend and hopefully will be out of the BJJ funk by then. 


In the meantime, I just spent a crapload of money renewing my pool membership. Eek!


Last but most definitely not least, and most definitely not bleah…

Happy birthday Nerdy Fashionista!!! Somebody wants to give you a hug.


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2 Responses to Bleah. Just bleah.

  1. oh my god he looks like a condor. I would love to know what search terms you entered into google to come up with that one!

    I know the feeling, though. Not so much with athletic endeavors… but with other things (math, ugh). This has historically led to me not making any effort to improve at things I don’t automatically do well. Which is not a particularly stellar personality trait–I think you are much smarter to keep trying!


  2. Elyse says:

    I’m in the same boat this week! Must be an unusual planet-alignment or something.


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