I’m in I’m in I’m in!!!


So here’s where I’ll be June 14, 2009:


It looks even bigger from in the water...

You can't even see the end of the race from here...


Maybe I’m a bit too excited about being chosen as one of the lucky 700 to shell out more than $250 to drag my carcass 4.4 miles across the Chesapeake Bay, but I’m a glutton for punishment, I guess. I was chosen in the first round of the lottery and signed up within an hour of getting the e-mail. 


I stole the above picture from my Nerdy Fashionista cousin’s blog, who decided, with absolutely no prodding, wheedling, whining, or batting of eyelashes on my part whatsoever, to train for not only the One Mile Challenge held the same day as the 4.4 mile GCBS, but to do the 2 mile race at the Jim McDonnell open water swim in Lake Audubon the month before. She blames me for making her do it, but it’s not my fault, I swear. I blame this guy: 


Why it's not my fault after all...

Why it's not my fault after all...



Stay tuned for my struggles as I try to whip my sorry ass into endurance swimming shape, while maintaining my stellar (ha!) level of BJJ performance. 

Just thinking about it is making me tired. I think I need a nap.

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7 Responses to I’m in I’m in I’m in!!!

  1. 1. Fine, you can both share the blame.

    2. I broke my self-imposed moratorium and posted a couple recent photos. Holy shit they are worth it though.


  2. M.Wee… I need serious practice on drills! Was trying to do them in my masters practice tonight and was flailing like a drunk.


  3. grappledunk says:

    Which ones were you doing? Depending on the drill, sometimes you just can’t help flailing like a drunk. And sometimes that’s the point! I can show you some fun ones next week 🙂

    BTW, totally nice gratuitous Phelps shots…


  4. The Nerdy Fashionista says:

    I think it’s actually just my total lack of rhythm and coordination. We were doing the single-arm butterfly thing you showed me last time (exciting part is, I no longer drown when I breathe on my left), plus recovery drills on breast and back… but I’m sure I was doing them all wrong.


  5. Rich says:

    Do your regular swim work-out 3 days a week (weekdays) and do the long distance non-stop work-out for Saturday or Sunday. Try to aim for 9 miles a week. If that is too much try to “pulse” it 6-7 miles one week to 8 to 9 miles the next. Be sure to get in the long distance non-stop work-outs. Be sure to get in speed work-outs. DO NOT SKIP THE SPRINTS, you’re going to probably need them. Try to get one of your friends to sprint against you.

    Be careful of BJJ injuries to your shoulders. Get lots of stretching in and ab-crunches (upper and lower) on your rest days.


  6. grappledunk says:

    Thanks, Rich! That’s good advice – especially about working in the sprints. I tend to neglect that.

    You make a good point about the BJJ – I think my elbows are more in danger than my shoulders, though. I remember trying to swim after being spectacularly armbarred, and I couldn’t fully extend my arm due to the pain in my elbow. I ended up kicking for about a week.


  7. Rich says:

    You will likely find that the more miles you put in swimming, your endurance will increase.

    BJJ is probably like wrestling and requires short bursts of very intense and high energy use. The swim will probably requre that, somewhere near the main channel, you will need bursts of energy as well. But the swim sprints will be different from the BJJ energy bursts, but not mutually exclusive. The swim bursts will be more like running sprints and you should be capable to sustaining that sprint pace for a while. Your Bay swim training will benefit from learning to swim sprints and your BJJ will benefit from it. It is true that this is a long distance open water swim we are training for. Swiming in open water chop is a “wrestling match” of another sort. The Bay swim will have cross currents and they too can be intense.


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