Pain in my ass and my neck and…

I decided to do the Thai boxing class at Vanguard on Saturday in addition to the no gi grappling class – this while I’m all out of shape and whatnot. I actually held up better than I thought I would, partly because the classes were more technique focused. I think this was my third Thai boxing class in the last year, so I felt a bit foolish as I tried to defend jabs and crosses and got tangled up in my feet or moved face first into the oncoming fist. It was a lot of fun, though – I wish I could find more time for it.


No gi class was ok – I had a few bully moments, though, which were totally unintentional. First, I slammed my sister with an osoto gari while we were working takedowns. She forgot her breakfall. She’s new. But I still felt bad. Then, still working takedowns, I attempted a guillotine on a kid (he’s in junior high but outweighs me by 20 lbs!), but he took me down in the meantime, and I ended up piledriving his head into the mat because I didn’t think to let go as I went down. Um. Sorry. But really, is it my job to let go, or his to position his head so it doesn’t plant itself like a tree in the mat? I don’t know…but still, sorry…


I woke up this morning really feeling the pain in my right leg from repeatedly working the single leg takedown mostly on the same side. My back hurts, my neck is stiff, and yes, my butt hurts. No laughing, please. Overall, I’m really realizing how little I’ve trained since the summer. It’s a good pain though, since it means I’m finally doing something physically challenging. I’m not beating myself up about my lack of training, since work and life sometimes just have to take priority. I am, however, looking forward to a slowdown at work so I have some time to breathe and de-stress and focus on getting back into shape. I’ll find out if I made it into the Chesapeake Bay Swim this weekend, and if I did, I’ll really have to buckle down and get to work building up the yardage in the pool as well. 4.4 miles in rough waves and aggressive currents aren’t anything to mess around with. 


Thanks to Georgette and Khaki for the toe sympathy and stories. Thankfully I haven’t been relegated to anything as dramatic (and funny – sorry!) as passing out from it, but I’ve resigned myself to a long recovery process and lots and lots of tape. I’m also planning to look for those bandage things when I get to the drug store next. Stupid toenail.

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One Response to Pain in my ass and my neck and…

  1. the visual of you pile driving the kid’s head has had me laughing for the past five minutes…


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