It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a girl!!

Several posts back, I wrote about a girl who was sitting by the mat watching class – I dragged her out and made her drill. 

Update: Bad decision. She probably thinks I’m some crazed lunatic (my mid-class hairdo/fro probably didn’t help), and I must have scared her off, because I haven’t seen her since. BUT…there’s another new girl in class!! She’s a Marine and has trained informally with other Marines, which gives me hope that she’s really going to stick. She’s probably going to be pretty tough, too – crossing my fingers for a new training partner!


Monday’s class went relatively well, considering the crowded class. We drilled a choke using the gi, then did positional drills from open guard. It became obvious that I need to work on my guard passing, but that’s not a surprise. I tend to wind up on the bottom most of the time because of my size disadvantage, so I’m more comfortable working from my back. 

Does that make me a bad person?


Rolling went pretty well. I rolled with a huge blue belt who I almost swept from half guard then almost choked out from half guard before he broke my grip on his gi, a white belt who tapped me once with an Americana using mostly strength  – I’m proud of how un-upset I was about that – then with a huge blue belt with legs about as long as I am tall. By that time I was horribly gassed but I actually managed to pass his guard. After that, though, I was useless – winded and dizzy and feeling slightly vomitous – so he regained half guard before the end of the round. 


Tonight I’m going to continue to work on my guard passing and sweeps from side control. I’m also looking forward to getting rid of a bunch of work stress – it’s the worst month of the year for my job, and it’s important to keep my sanity by pounding on my friends (or trying to) on a regular basis.  

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2 Responses to It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a girl!!

  1. leslie says:

    Oo, a Marine! That sounds promising 🙂 Hope she sticks around for you.


  2. slideyfoot says:

    Yeah, I’m in the same boat with guard passing: my top game remains pretty much non-existent, so I’m way more comfortable on my back, especially working escapes. As you say, probably the case for most small people.


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