Now take a deep breath…

The Sport and Health where Dalla holds his Mon-Wed-Fri classes has relegated us to the squash court on the bottom floor. There’s no ventilation, aside from a fan we put in the doorway, so it’s kind of like rolling in a sauna, especially in the summer. This makes those of us who train there feel hardcore. I mean, if you can roll repeated five minute rounds in that kind of heat, you’re a monster, right?


Well, Wednesday night, the stellar, outstanding management at the Sport and Health decided they would throw in another little twist. They painted the walls. Yes, that sounds innocuous, until you remember that there is no ventilation in that squash court. And the paint was really fresh. And it was oil-based. It was a bizarre mix of heat, humidity, and fumes in that room that made us feel like we were huffing our way through the class.  Never mind trying to roll repeated rounds. If we made it through one round without getting dizzy and feeling a bit stupid, it was just because we were rolling by the door. 


I have to note that the genius who painted the walls didn’t bother to sand the end wall with the buckled and peeling paint. They just painted right over it. So now we have an extra layer of paint to knock off the wall and onto the mat when we roll. Way to do the job right, guys! 

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