Let’s try this again

After coming back to BJJ from being sick for several months and finally starting to feel like wasn’t a complete waste of space on the mat, I got sick again. Stupid cold. I probably could have kept training, if it weren’t for the constant running nose and crap in my lungs. I figured nobody wanted me wiping snot on their gi, so I stayed home for two weeks and sulked.


I’m now intimately familiar with the experience of gassing out early in the training session (i.e., the warmup) and feeling like I’m about to puke after a five minute roll. I think I’m getting back in the swing of it a bit better this time, though. After three classes, I was able to roll three times with a five minute break in between and keep my lunch down. Small victories.


Speaking of small (or large) victories, congrats to Levi, Dalla’s newest purple belt!

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2 Responses to Let’s try this again

  1. what does gassing out mean? I think I need to adopt this into my vocabulary…


  2. grappledunk says:

    Gassing, or gassing out = sucking wind, gasping, no endurance, preparing to blow chunks because of lack of air…
    No fun. But the expression always makes me think of someone farting. Go figure.


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