Congrats to Vanguard and Dalla MMA fighters

Battlefield Fighting Championships went down last night, and it was a good night for the team. Both Vanguard fighters, Country and Favio, demolished their opponents convincingly in their first ever MMA fights. Country’s opponent looked like he’d been training too much Tae Kwon Do and not enough MMA, and spent most of the fight with a shocked look on his face. Favio was impressive too – this was his first fight and his opponent had eight. Favio took the guy down early in the first round, passed his guard, got the mount, and not even a minute into the first round, got the win with the ground and pound. 


Dalla’s guys had a mixed night – Chris won his fight by RNC and looked strong against a bit of a spazzy opponent. However, Dave’s fight barely got started before they landed against the cage door during a takedown attempt and the door busted open – both fighters flew out and hit the ground hard. The fight was called a no contest, because neither fighter could continue. I haven’t gotten any updates yet, but hopefully everyone is ok. 


Since I was at the local fights, I missed the EliteXC fights, but I managed to catch a video of Carano v. Kobold. All I can say is that three minute rounds for professional fights is ridiculous. Kobold was robbed of a great position in the second round when she finally brought Carano down and had her on the defensive. Too bad she couldn’t do that more than once, but I have to wonder how that one opportunity would have played out in the additional two minutes. I didn’t see the Kimbo/Petruzelli fight, but apparently there wasn’t much to it. And hey, not bad for a guy who probably thought he’d be watching the fights on TV that night! 

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