Holy crap, look at all those girls!

I’m not kidding – I’ve never seen so many women on a BJJ mat at one time than I did at the women-only team training two weeks ago. I know, I know, I’m a bit behind in my posting. Sorry.


I did pretty well, considering my current lack of conditioning, but toward the end, after drilling, grip fighting, and positional drilling (against resistance), I was pretty worn out. The rolling was the hardest – I had no strength left, so there was a point toward the end where I couldn’t do anything but defend. I didn’t have anything left to work an reversal from half guard, so I defended my arm, defended the pass, defended my other arm, etc, etc. 


But the upshot of this was that I gained a bit of confidence from rolling with people more my size and strength. I was pleased with my performance while I still had energy, and it gave me some hope for when I finally get myself back up to speed. Unfortunately, that may be a while yet. I’m currently fighting the crud that’s going around the office, so I’m taking this week off in hopes of both not spreading it further and getting over it quicker. But it’s not encouraging when you hear the guy in the next cube over hocking up loogies. Ick.


On the other hand, I went surfing last weekend in Wrightsville Beach! This was my first ever attempt at surfing, and I’m proud to announce that I stood up on my first wave! For two seconds. Before wiping out spectacularly. Still, due to an offshore storm, the surf was really rough, the current was kicking, and I’m amazed I managed to paddle out past the breakers, let alone catch a wave. The Surf Camp instructors were great – I definitely recommend them if you’re going for surfing lessons. 


I’d have pictures, but the camera malfunctioned. Honest. So sorry, no blackmail pictures of me taking a header off my surfboard. 

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2 Responses to Holy crap, look at all those girls!

  1. Elyse says:

    hey, do you know where the pics from the women’s training are?
    Don’t worry, I’m a full THREE weeks behind in my posting :P.


  2. grappledunk says:

    I saw a couple on the Crazy 88 web site, but other than that, no idea. Let me know if find any others… I’d love to see them.


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