Shut up and roll, dammit.

No more whining. That’s it. I’ve had it. After two and a half years of training, I’ve come to this conclusion:  Because 95% of the people I train with outweigh me and can out muscle me by a factor simply due to biology, I am wasting my time being hard on myself for not always being able to overcome that disadvantage.


This revelation comes after a week of training that encompassed a bipolar range of highs and lows. I had some discouraging moments – starting from the knees, and simply being shoved backwards and onto my back by a white belt who thought he was an offensive lineman for the Broncos. Or not being able to keep my grips on the gi when the guy I was rolling with grabbed my fingers, hauled off, and ripped them off his lapel. 


I had some highs, too – working with a purple belt at Dalla’s who actually didn’t try to steamroll me and made an effort to match his strength to mine. I left that roll feeling like I actually learned something and like I wasn’t a spaz after all.


I know that BJJ is supposed to teach you to use technique and leverage to overcome bigger, stronger opponents. That’s part of why I felt so lousy about getting beaten up so consistently in training. But the fact is, two and a half years in, in the grand scheme of things, I’m still a rank beginner. If ten years from now, I’m in the same place, then I truly need to step back and figure out what the heck my problem is. But I’m seeing progress, slow and frustrating as it is, and that is what I need to focus on. Small victories that will build up into a larger success. 


So I’m done whining about how bad I suck. Honestly, I’m starting to bore myself with it. I plan to continue focusing on a few techniques per class, drill drill drill, and simply shut up and roll.

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2 Responses to Shut up and roll, dammit.

  1. lgd says:

    This is why I like reading other people’s BJJ blogs; I find that I’m not the only one dealing with certain things. And in some weird way, it makes me feel better and “normal” (well, as much as I can be normal, that is).

    I, too, have recently realized that it isn’t entirely my fault that I can’t do anything against the strong-arming guys; they’re just bigger and stronger and using that to overpower me. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but they seem to go even harder against me than against the other guys. Probably don’t want to be submitted by a girl, pfft.

    I love the rolls with guys who use technique. Had a great roll with a purple belt on Saturday. Makes me feel as if I actually do know what I’m doing. My coach and instructors say I’m doing well, so I try to listen only to them and to not rate myself by how many times the strong-arming guys submit me.


  2. Okay, I am also now co-opting “shut up and roll” into my vocabulary. Most excellent.


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