A little progress. Very little.

Sadly, the little experiment isn’t working out quite as well as I had hoped so far. I spent the past few classes with a goal in mind when I rolled – work a particular sweep from the guard. Not once did I pull it off, and not once did I ever get closer than the initial setup before I was shut down and had to transition to something else. Argh.

Still, I’m not feeling quite as bad about things as I was. I’m still getting pretty well pummeled, and I’m expecting my blue belt revocation ceremony any moment now, but I think I’ve become more focused. Instead of just whining after class about how I got pummeled (although there still is that) I’m also thinking about how I set up the technique or whether I managed a decent transition. It has been less about beating the other person and more about accomplishing something, anything.

Mostly. I’ve only been focusing on this for two classes, and I still want to beat people because I’m hopelessly competitive. 

Steve, I like your take on ego. It’s trying to keep it in check that’s difficult. One small wee little bit of ego can morph into a huge hairy ego monster if you don’t remain vigilant. 


Huge Hairy Ego Monster

Huge Hairy Ego Monster



Lgd, I’m totally in your boat. If I have a strength in my game, it’s open guard – because I always end up getting knocked on my ass when the big dudes shove me backwards as we start to roll from the knees. I’ve just started going straight to guard when I feel myself losing balance instead of fighting it.

Copa Nova is this weekend – I’m sitting it out, but good luck to everyone who is competing!

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3 Responses to A little progress. Very little.

  1. Steve says:

    Ego is a funny thing. I don’t think I realized it was quite so… hairy. 🙂


  2. blairturton says:

    Start on your ass instead and if they push you back hit them with a butterfly sweep.


  3. slideyfoot says:

    I approach class in much the same way, using my blog as a way to plan what to do next lesson.

    If I’m struggling to pull off my planned technique, then I’ll lower my expectations: i.e., rather than land a sweep, I’ll concentrate on getting into position.

    If I can’t get into position, then I’ll drop down another rung: maybe just work on breaking grips or placement of my hands so I can get into position.

    If absolutely nothing is working and I’m just getting squashed repeatedly, then I can always work on escapes. Which admittedly tends to be where I end up most of the time. 😉


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