Things I’ve seen: Some good, some not so much

Good thing: A girl! A real live girl! In my BJJ class! 

Aside from my one training partner who hasn’t been to class much lately, it’s just been me holding down the estrogen fort. But lo and behold, Monday evening, there was a girl sitting on the side watching the class. I dragged her out on the mat and made her drill armbars and triangles. I hope I didn’t scare her off.

Bad thing: Hairy ass crack. Please, for the love of whichever deity you worship, do not wear loose elastic waistband shorts to BJJ. Board shorts, people. Board shorts!! My eyes…nooooo…

Good thing: MMA on the TV at the gym during class. I couldn’t stop to watch, really, but somehow it made my evening complete.

Good thing: A sweet transition to a kimura when your opponent has turtled.

Bad thing: Me trying to perform said transition.  Ok, I didn’t really see it, because it was me screwing it up, but still. I can imagine.


I had a pretty crappy class on Wednesday. I got beat up by a series of white belts, which did little for my ego. I know, I know. I shouldn’t bring it on the mat. And I don’t, but when I get home, my ego asks how I did, and if I got beat up by a series of white belts, my ego then proceeds to beat me up further.


One of my teammates was talking to me about it afterwards and made several points: The lightest guy outweighed me by at least 30 pounds. They’re guys, so they’re naturally stronger. They were using strength, not technique. I’m just returning from over two months being sick. It all makes sense, and it’s all true (especially about the strength over technique thing – that’s what really upset me the most) but I still feel like crap about it – I just couldn’t put anything together. I had one of those days where you go home and start thinking, “that’s what I should have done. Dammit!”


I’m going to take the next few classes to really think about basic techniques and combinations and see if I can’t get some of my mojo back. I’m not going to concern myself with tapping people or being tapped, I’m just going to try to show up with a few basic things to work on, then think my way through things instead of spazzing out and flailing around. I’ll let you know how that works out for me. 

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3 Responses to Things I’ve seen: Some good, some not so much

  1. Steve says:

    Good luck with that. I’ve said this many times, but hopefully not to you. Ego isn’t an intrinsically bad thing. Ego is what makes us want to be better than we are. As long as our ego is kept in check, it encourages us to improve. It’s that inner voice that tells us we can do better. 🙂

    Sounds like you’ve got a good plan.


  2. lgd says:

    Ah, I’d like to see a real live girl in my classes, too. So far, class is co-ed because I show up…

    And I hear you on the strength/technique thing. My coach and the higher belts tell me that I’m doing really well when I roll with them, but then I constantly get out-muscled and tapped by new guys (who only know one move! Pfft). I keep thinking I *should* be able to do something against them, but they just pull out of anything I try. Most of the time, I end up focusing on defending and on not getting frustrated.

    I do the “should’ve” litany after class, too. I like that I can see my mistakes, though I wish I’d seen them earlier…


  3. jiujitsu365 says:

    I used to get dominated by a guy who outweighed me by about 60 pounds. He had only one a few months experience in BJJ and I had about a year and a half at the time. Once he got side control, it was over. Since I was the smallest of the big guys I was paired with him often and so for months, it was hard to see my progress.

    However, now, facing people who are much bigger than me does not faze me so I am glad that I ‘toughed it out.’

    Oh yeah: I also found out that he wrestled for four years which explained his ability to hold me down.


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