Aargh! Mice!!

There is nothing more jarring that to stagger out of bed in the morning, open up a kitchen drawer, and find that a mouse has had its way with your utensils. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time this week cleaning up mouse crap, setting traps, picking up mouse bodies, and cleaning up more mouse crap. The exterminator came yesterday and said the house is pretty well sealed, so they most likely came in during construction, when the doors were left open a lot. Whatever. I feel like I need a shower just thinking about it. 


Gi class this week covered a sneaky and really effective collar choke from the guard and a transition to a kimura when the choke isn’t in deep enough or the opponent is defending well. It’s deceptively simple, and if you do it right, your opponent is pretty well screwed before they realize what’s happening. I’m discovering that the simple techniques are often the most effective – if you have a squirming and uncooperative opponent, it’s generally best not to spend a bunch of time setting up your killer technique. 


I also made it out to a no-gi class this weekend. We mostly drilled single leg takedowns, and I realized that I’m a total spaz when it comes to no-gi takedowns. I just get so flustered when I realize I have no collar or sleeves to hold on to. 


I rolled for the first time during open mat with a couple of guys I trusted not to go crazy on me. I gassed out really quickly, but the fact that I stayed for the whole class, the open mat, and Chipotle afterwards, and I didn’t fall over exhausted right away, was a definite step forward. 


Of course, it might just have been the Chipotle.

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One Response to Aargh! Mice!!

  1. neko687 says:

    Man, I just went thru the same crap with rats in my apartment, not fun, especially the part where every single noise sounds like a rat/mouse in a glue trap.

    Hope you got them all


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