Bruises and Whatnot

I knew I was back to BJJ when I woke up this morning and saw a few bruises on my legs. Sigh… I missed looking like someone was abusing me. I’m planning to start swimming again next week, so it will be fun to walk out on the deck in a swimsuit like that – I really enjoyed the odd looks I got from the lifeguards and the other women in the locker room. Ok, ‘enjoyed’ is too a strong word. I’m a bit self conscious about it, but I do get a chuckle every once in a while when I catch someone eyeballing me oddly. I just smile sweetly at them and pretend there’s nothing for them to notice.


I was planning to attend ‘no-gi Saturday’ today, but I’m a bit tired and I’m not going to push things just yet. So instead, I’m going to spend my day doing some cleanup from the construction on our house – there’s random crap everywhere, but mostly in the basement. Then I’ll see if there’s anyone getting the Affliction fights. Speaking of MMA, you can catch a couple of my articles here and here, and I’m working on a new one – stay tuned for that.


The Olympics start soon – I’m so excited! I will be parked in front of the TV at all possible moments watching the swimming, gymnastics, judo, track and field, the triathlon, and whatever else happens to be on. I’m such an Olympics nerd.  There are two stories I’m really interested in, at least in swimming – Dara Torres, who is still kicking ass in her 40s after having a kid, and Eric Shanteau, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer just before making the Olympic team. Talk about bittersweet!

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