I’m back!

Went to my first class in more than two months today – I was standing on the mat watching the instructor demonstrate a move, and I just kept thinking, “I like this. This is fun.” I hadn’t forgotten how much I liked it exactly, but being back on the mat was like a second revelation. I wanted to roll crazy hard, try new techniques, and just totally go ape out there. 

But the part of me who really hated being sick (which is all of me, really) wouldn’t let me do more than just drill the techniques and watch the rest of the class roll. I’m taking it a little at a time, but it’s difficult. 

I did realize, however that I am horribly rusty – my technique is off (what technique I had – let’s not get crazy, I’m just a blue belt) and my flexibility is decidedly worse than it was. I need to start stretching regularly and drill drill drill, even the very basics. Patience isn’t my strong point, but I’m going to stick with the drilling and very little rolling for at least another week. Seriously, I am. 

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