Who is Grappledunk?


So, you ask, just who is Grappledunk? Interesting question. Hard to answer, sometimes. But here are the basics, at least:


I am a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and have been training for about two years. I am a swimmer and have been so since I was five. Mostly I do open water races right now, but who knows, maybe I’ll do some masters races in the pool once I get back into shape. I work for a government contractor doing acquisition… stuff, but I have a degree in writing, and like most writers, I am currently working on a novel. I’ve also written a few MMA articles. Here’s a picture from my trip to the IFL Grand Prix last year:


Press asses…er, passes are awesome.


Other than that, not much to tell, except that as a female grappler, I tend to have a bit of a different perspective on grappling, in general. But there are universal similarities that seem to cross the gender boundaries – including the ups and downs that everyone seems to face as they try to conquer such a complex sport. Swimming, by contrast, seems much more simple, but that may be because I’ve been doing it so long. 


I was training hard and dropping weight for Mundials when I got sick – it was about a month before I was supposed to fly out to California. Next week will be my first BJJ class since I started recovering. I fully expect to be sore as hell the next day, but if I get out of it without hurting myself, or making a complete fool of myself, I’ll consider it a success. It will be nice to see all my training partners again, and it will be nice to regain that part of my identity that I feel like I lost when I had to stop training. Because I am a girl who grapples. 


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