Starting Over – A BJJ (and other stuff) Blog

I am starting from scratch here, not just with a brand new blog, but with my Brazilian jiu-jitsu and swimming training. I am recovering from a somewhat extended illness, and during that time, (while I was bored and sick and stewing about how I couldn’t train) I started to write more than I have in a while. 

This blog is intended partially as an outlet for my training and competition victories and frustrations and for my personal observations on the things going on around me, but also as an experiment. I don’t fool myself that what I have to say is particularly ground shaking or worthy of publication, but I’d like to see who is out there that can possibly relate to my experiences and hear what they have to say.

So please join me as I return to the mat and the pool, try to re-learn what I knew about grappling (which admittedly isn’t much), get back in shape, and hopefully, continue to improve in a variety of areas of my life.

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